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Engineers Without Borders Rwanda builds a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs and equip leaders to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

As a mission of partnering with developing communities to improve the quality of life through education and implementation of engineering projects, EWB-RWANDA has a vision in which the communities meet their basic needs.

EWB-Rwanda activities

Water supply and treatment

Clean water is the one of vital needs for daily life. Water is essential for health, hygiene and the productivity of our community. EWB-Rwanda provides technical services and implementation of projects related to clean water supply, sanitation, water harvesting.

Energy generation

As economic development increases, the high demand in electricity is challenging the community. EWB-Rwanda will contribute in founding solution,
(Example: Runyinya solar pumping system for water supply, by EWB-QUEBEC; Gisagara District)

Construction projects

Improving Educational infrastructures is the one of EWB-Rwanda activities.

Professional training

EWB-RWANDA in partnership with EWB International provide inter-cultural dialog, continuous professional training to engineering students and local community (Example of intercultural dialog: Seminars and sites location assessment were conducted at former KIST, by EWB-Germany)

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As a not-for-profit organisation, EWB-Rwanda depends on the support of our Members to grow the humanitarian engineering movement.

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